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Within any workplace large or small, the self-esteem and happiness of employees is vital to productivity. One big way of maintaining this is through regular recognition of positive accomplishments, and a great way to do this is through custom lapel pins from Employee Recognition Lapel Pins.

Recognition programs using our employee recognition pins are perfect for boosting confidence and showing employees they’re valued. Let’s look at a few of the most common benefits from a positive workplace environment.

Team Culture

When hard work goes invalidated, it makes those who completed it far less likely to be incentivized to do so again. Over a period of time, this will cause employee engagement to become more and more limited, and will make management seem less reputable to employees.

On the flip side, proper motivation builds a cohesive team culture. Great relationships lead to less stress and more productivity, and they’re built through positivity and reinforcement. Employees will want to be at work, and won’t constantly be on the defensive.

Reduced Turnover

Offices and workplaces with positive cultures are proven to experience less turnover than those with negative cultures. There are fewer arguments and events that could lead to firings or resignations, and this leads to heavily increased monetary savings – employee turnover is one of the most costly processes in the workplace. Even so much as a basic “thank you” for simple tasks can make a much bigger difference than you’d think in retaining employees.

Increased Performance

The right recognition also leads directly to increased productivity. Motivated employees are proven to produce better results than those who may be losing valuable man hours due to stress and infighting. A direct link between good work and a positive outcome makes it much easier for employees to focus on larger tasks without distraction, even if it’s subconscious.

To order employee recognition pins or learn more about how they can help your office culture, speak to our friendly staff today.