Custom Lapel Pins

Employee Recognition Lapel Pins provides full-service manufacturing of custom award pins. In giving recognition, it’s important to express your gratitude towards your employees in a meaningful fashion. We believe that our custom pins, which you will have a part in creating, will make the award sweeter. As popular as financial rewards may be, there’s nothing that quite compares with receiving something special that will last a lifetime.

As a trusted supplier in the custom pin industry for thirty years, to date, you can count on our commitment to good service and even better products. We take pride in employing a graphic design team that is able to carry out what our customers want, in exacting detail. It’s an important part of the job, and we’re glad that we’re able to satisfy our customers with our attention to quality and precision.

A Wide Range of Options

What makes us a unique option is that we’re able to create pins from gold, silver, copper, platinum, carbon, plastic and other materials that may come to mind, in a variety of design options. The material will ultimately decide the cost of your pins, and regardless of your choice, we have a system in place to get the best results. For one, we employ a special finishing process to ensure that pins are protected from external conditions. As such, we ensure you a top-quality product that will last!

We can customize your design to your specifications, or create a perfect replica of your business logo. In order to satisfy our clients, we put as much care into designing as we do in manufacturing the pins.

Remember that we have a first-come, first-serve policy on the order, so make sure to approach us early for any job, even for quotes.

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